~ Thursday, September 6 ~

Here’s where to find me at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend! I’ll have all my merchandise- Kitsune/Moon Tees and Sea Dragon scaves, among other things. PLUS! an EXCLUSIVE BCC-Only large poster print! Also three hand-customized Munny’s and a few paintings. Come check it out at table A03! Look for the Kitsune sign!

I’ll also be wearing my New 52 Supergirl costume on Saturday for photos!

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~ Friday, August 10 ~
Working on a new poster image for Baltimore Comic Con next month! Here are my still-sloppy flats!

Working on a new poster image for Baltimore Comic Con next month! Here are my still-sloppy flats!

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~ Thursday, May 10 ~

2012 Conventions!

***Anthrocon, Pittsburgh, June - I’ll be there all weekend with a Dealers Den table under Sunsetdragon.com. I am table number  K17!! I’ll have all my merchandise plus commissions open! Tons of art show pieces in the show, too. I might bring a costume or three along 

***Otakon, Baltimore, July- I’ll be in the Artist Alley for the first time EVER! All three days, I’ll have all my merchandise, plus commissions and art show pieces. I will be showing off a few costumes during the weekend too, cosplaying at my table and after hours for photoshoots!

***Dragon*Con, Atlanta, September- I’ll be cosplaying it up in some awesome new stuff! I’m hoping to apply for the art show this year, so look for that as it gets closer!

***Baltimore Comic Con, Baltimore, September- Just got my confirmation in for the artist alley! My first comic book convention! I hope it’s good!

***Anime USA, Washington D.C., November - Cosplay for sure! Artist alley filled up and I’m on the waiting list, but definately find my stuff in the art show!

Super details and everything once each event gets closer! This is basically a rough overview of events that you can purchase my artwork in person at/see my costumes up close! I hope to see some of you guys at one or more of these!!

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~ Tuesday, April 17 ~

This is an original “airship captain” steampunk costume I put together for SDCC 2010, so it was a while ago. If I ever wear it again I want to really grunge up my face/arms to look like I’ve been tinkering with machines!

Photos copyright LJinto. 

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